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Tue Tillallitti is an art project I created, with which a lot of good things are set in motion in the direction of the Tilatli. The purpose of the project is to make the spaces visible.

I draw and design postcards for sale in liaison work with tenants.
I have not limited my participation in the project only to my own locality, but there are participants from all over Finland. :)

The Tua Temporary postcard project always starts the same way for every temporary worker, i.e. I ask 5 questions and based on their answers I prepare a draft and send it to the temporary worker. :) If the sketch feels like my own space, I will continue to create the image so that the card is ready for printing and therefore for sale in my online store.

In addition, each owner prepares a presentation of his own space, which is published in the online store with pictures.

Each tenant's card is on sale in the online store for 6 months, but there may be changes to this.

The cards are sold in the online store for €2.00/piece and from each card sold, €1.00 goes to the host standing behind the image of the card, which means we put a lot of good into circulation where it belongs. :)

It is also possible for owners to buy cards for sale on their own farm.

Here you can see the cards:

Accompanying guests and card sale period for the benefit of the farm:
(When a heart appears in front of the name of the farm, the sale of the card has been stopped in favor of the farm)

Piiroomäki farm - 31.3-30.9.2022 Continues until 31.03.2023.
Aittolahti farm - 31.3- 30.9.2022 Continues until 31.03.2023.
Hietala farm - 19.4- 19.10.2022 Continues until 19.04.2023.
Cardehumma - 11.5- 11.11.2022 Continues until 11.05.2023.
Pohjolantila - 19.5-19.11.2022 Continues until 19.05.2023.
Kyöstilä space - 23.6-23.12.2022
Halliainen 18.7.22-18.1.2023
Kurikan Sheep farm 22.8.-22.2.2023
Ahtola farm 22.8.- 22.2.2023
Mikkola's farm 4.11.22- 4.5.2023

Included in the project:
If you want to join the project as a temporary or reseller, please contact me

by email:
By phone: 0444915871
(Calls Mon-Fri from 12:00 to 18:00)