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Teija Rusila Art

Teija Rusila Art | Of gentleness present | Support spatial | support card

Teija Rusila Art | Of gentleness present | Support spatial | support card

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Lempeyde is present with a one-piece A6-sized postcard that I digitally drew and designed, in the realization of which the owner's wishes have been listened to. Wishes for things, thoughts and colors that are important to them.

From the sale of this postcard, €1.00 will be donated to the Halliainen Farm for their activities. Attached is an introduction and a picture of the premises.


Halliainen milk farm, Lappeenranta

Halliainen's dairy farm is located in Rikkilä, Lappeenranta , near the eastern border . The farm is a traditional family farm in the truest sense of the word, because the farm is run by Sanni and Teemu Vainikka in the seventh generation , and both the old owner of the farm and the children of the family help with the work during busy times.

The farm has approx. 65 dairy cows and 40 young cattle, i.e. calves and heifers, and the milking is done by a tireless milking robot . The cows are allowed to go to milking at their own pace, whether it's day or night. The cows live freely in the yard, which was completed in 2015, so the conditions are great and you can see it in the animals as well. In addition to cows , the farm has cats, rabbits, a Shetland pony and a couple of Icelandic horses.

It is important for the people of the farm to produce the cleanest food in the world, to enjoy working and to have time for other things in life , such as spending time with the family . The farm also does its part to reduce the carbon footprint of the food chain, e.g. with the help of carbon farming and with solar panels installed on the roofs of the barn.

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