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Teija Rusila Art

Teija Rusila Art | Postcard packaging

Teija Rusila Art | Postcard packaging

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Choose a neat packaging for cards here.

White envelope with moisture-proof seal + cellophane.

The package contains my company's contact information (on the back of the cellophane package)

The cards are prepackaged. If you only want the packaging for some of the cards, please mention them during the payment step by writing the following in the "Add a comment to your order" section.

Pack the cards:
name - pcs
name- pcs
name- pcs

Please note the following: When choosing packages for postcards, your order will always be delivered by post, as the total thickness of the products exceeds the dimensions of letter mail.

+ At the moment, only white envelopes are available, but more colors will be updated.

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