Artist Teija Rusila


A warm greeting! :).

Every story has its cover, its author and its creator. I am the one who has written this story/path since 2020. I am a 30-year-old artist from Nastola whose soul and heart have been sold to creating art since childhood.

A way to tell, talk and touch that is art at its best. As a rule, I paint, but when drawing and painting go hand in hand, I let them both take the rhythm.

The colors change but the style remains, it's gentle. I'd rather have a piece of the sun than a moment of the deep. I put a piece of my life and soul into each work. Could you give more of your life? That's all.

I create art with the characteristics of the neuro spectrum and the reason why I mention this is because I want to encourage everyone to realize their dreams. In addition, the challenges brought by moisture damage are on my way.

Despite everything I mentioned above, I create the sun from crystals, senses, wind, rains and love for creation.

I create art as my full-time job, so I am really happy and grateful that you have found your way to my art online store. Of course, the online store I created is also much more than just an online store. You could say that it is the mecca of soul chords :D I do so much of all kinds of different things.

So I could say that a warm welcome to the adventure called life. ;)