Paying in the online store.

1. Select the products you want.

2. Add the products to the shopping cart.


4. Enter your contact information to send the shipment.

5. Choose your preferred payment method.

Your payment card contains the CREDIT card number (on the front) and the DEBIT card number (on the back). If there is only DEBIT on the card, i.e. the bank card number, it is located on the front of your payment card. Both have their own security numbers, which you can find on your payment card.

NOTE You can also order products from the online store by sending me an email. In the email, tell us which products you want and how many. I will send you the order summary and payment information. When your order is paid, I will send the products to you including a receipt for your order.

If you need advice when shopping, please contact us through the chat window or or 0444915871 on weekdays, Mon-Fri from 12:00 to 18:00. Our customer service is in Finnish.

Your card is always protected against misuse when you do business with us. If misuse occurs, the purchase does not have a deductible, as we use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology in our purchases. Because of this, buying in an online store is actually safer than in a physical store (where the deductible for the card when using a pin code is approx. €160)
Your purchase transaction information is encrypted from the moment you enter it into our system until the transaction ends. Your data is not stored on public servers.
Some banks may reserve the necessary amount from your account to prevent overdraft. We can never charge you more than what you agreed to when you confirmed your order.