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Teija Rusila Art

Teija Rusila Art | Life to give | Support spatial | support card

Teija Rusila Art | Life to give | Support spatial | support card

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A6-sized, one-piece, glossy surface and thick material gives life. The image of the card is digitally drawn and designed by me, in the implementation of which the wishes of the owner have been listened to. Wishes for things, thoughts and colors that are important to them.

From the sale of this postcard, €1.00 will be donated to Aittolahti Farm for their activities. Attached is a presentation and pictures of the farm's operation.

You can order the card at home or send it directly through the online store using the postcard delivery service.


Aittolahti Estate, Kuhmoinen
Our farm is located on the shore of Päijänne, in the village of Kissakulma Kuhmoinen
in the municipality. Our production direction is eggs and grain farming for our livestock
for own use and riding stables with summer camps. There are horses
We raise laying hens from pullets less than a day old and
at the moment, when the juveniles have started to lay eggs, there is a total of laying eggs
a good 1,800 pieces.
The chicken has been on the farm since my grandfather's time and in the 60s,
after the number of chickens grew to a few hundred and production increased beyond its own
necessary, eggs have started to be sold in the surrounding area. At the moment we

we deliver eggs to customers and retailers on the west side of Päijänne
to municipalities, further away on request.
In addition to the hens, three roosters live in the hen house, who take care of it
order and shepherd their own flocks of chickens. And of course the shoes
from morning to night to the delight of the household...
Our production name is floor chicken, that is, the chickens are "free-range chickens",
on the walls of the henhouse are nests where the hens lay their eggs and on the roof there are perches,
on which the hens and roosters climb to sleep in the evening. The entire floor area
is fluffy, which is nice to bathe and cuddle. Our chicken also has it
the windows. Our chicken meets the organic regulations, but we have an organic certificate
we have not applied.
Our chicken is very artisan-oriented. Chickens are fed and eggs
is collected by hand, the cleaning of the chicken is also done by hand.
Soldering, lighting and air conditioning are automated, but other care
besides, a lot of time will be spent on monitoring the well-being of the chickens.
Our chickens go outside from early summer until winter. In the outdoor garden
digging holes in the ground, eating greens and hunting earthworms are interesting.
Even the man goes to the chicken coop to dig up the prettiest hookworms before he leaves
fishing with the kids :)
The chickens eat grain produced on the farm (oats, barley and wheat) and
GM-free semi-concentrate, where they get what they need for laying eggs
vitamins and trace elements. Chicken lime also belongs to the diet, so that
the eggshell stays strong. NO FISHMEAL!

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