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Teija Rusila Art

Teija Rusila Art | Excellent | Pink/ Yellow | Sterling Silver | 3

Teija Rusila Art | Excellent | Pink/ Yellow | Sterling Silver | 3

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Stand out from the gray of everyday life and be a splash of color in the everyday life of others as well.

Brilliant earrings are a series where good guys get to shine with colorful colors and reflective wings. The earrings are 4x5cm in size and light, so they are comfortable to wear.

The bases and metal parts of the earrings are 925 silver, i.e. sterling silver.

(Sterling silver = 92.5% silver and the remaining 7.5% other metal usually copper.)

The wings of the wings are reflective fabric that meets the criteria of reflective fabric, but is not an EN tested material.

Other materials: glass and high-quality silicone thread.

Good guys should shine! Buy here unique handmade earrings for yourself or delight a friend with a gift. Be your brilliant and colorful self <3

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