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Teija Rusila Art

Teija Rusila Art | Coloring book 3

Teija Rusila Art | Coloring book 3

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A unique Finnish coloring book with 26 cheerful fantasy spiritual coloring pictures that I have designed and drawn. All the pictures in the book differ from each other in terms of subject, so the book does not only contain coloring pictures of one subject area, but it is a big adventure with different pictures. The book has challenging pictures and slightly less challenging ones to color, so I recommend this to everyone who already has a knack for coloring.


A4 size coloring book

26 A cheerful fantasy of a mental drawing

The cover of the coloring book is 260g/m2 and the pages are 100g/m2 thick paper. The pictures are placed 1 always open so that the next coloring picture does not get messed up when coloring. :) So you can also color the pictures with markers! :) Here are a few pictures of the pictures to be colored in the coloring book as a test taste.

Coloring book 3 contains two pictures drawn according to the wishes of the winners of the coloring picture competition organized in January 2022. (1.Kittens and mini sharks. 2.Offiauto)

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Great coloring moments!

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